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One of the great things about this country is that we as Americans have access to the roads, streets, boulevards and expressways that allow us to travel anywhere we want – whether that be across the country or simply to work and back.  We love our cars, trucks and RVs because of the freedom they represent for us and our families – to travel, vacation, and even make a living.

But with this freedom comes responsibility to obey the vehicle and traffic laws.  This can mean everything from obeying the posted speed limit to following road signs and traffic signals to properly maintaining, registering and insuring your vehicle.

If you find yourself charged with failing to obey the vehicle and traffic laws, call me.  Maybe you are worried about hefty fines and surcharges, points on your license, increased insurance rates or even losing your privileges to drive.  I can help.  I’ve handled thousands of vehicle and traffic cases in my career.  I can help you achieve the best possible outcome for you, because I am on your side.

Matthew J. Rich

Matthew J. Rich is a Rochester, New York-based attorney focusing on criminal defense, DWI cases, traffic offenses, and family law. He brings nearly a decade of experience in private practice and the Monroe County District Attorney's office to assist each and every client.

If you're looking for an attorney, chances are it's because you're facing a problem of some sort. Matthew J. Rich's goal is to help you with your problem, be your informed advocate, and ultimately get you a fair and satisfactory outcome. Matthew J. Rich is on your side.