I thought it might be convenient to gather some of the recent material and reporting all in one place:

The IG’s report

Rachel Barnhart’s story last night on 13 featuring a witty and handsome local attorney (no, I don’t mean Parrinello):

The DA’s Office response today to that story

Gary Craig’s piece from today’s paper featuring the aforementioned daper attorney

Evan Dawson’s excellent piece with a personal take

Is the DA’s Office going to win the battle, but lose the war?


As just an aside, I took another look at the IG’s report today.  This was the text of the letter that the lab director sent along with the samples returned to the police agencies:


“The Forensic Biology Section has retained evidence for possible DNA analysis from cases in which the statute of limitations has expired. In anticipation of our impending move to our new facility, we are issuing a ‘No Analysis’ report and the retained evidence will be returned to the submitting agency.

Should you consider the cases still active or feel that DNA analysis would provide additional information to other cases which are currently active (e.g. serial burglary), please feel to contact me or the DNA Technical Leader, Ellyn Colquhoun. We can then discuss and make arrangements for DNA analysis after we are established in the new facility.”


Is it me or is does that second paragraph put a bit of a different spin on things?  You the reader can decide that on your own.