Today the news came down that Monroe County Court Judge Frank P. Geraci has been recommended to the President by Seantor Chuck Schumer as the nominee to become a Federal Distict Court Judge here in Rochester.  Below are some links to the coverage of this today:




Thise who have been following this story will undoubtedly recall that former District Attorney Mike Green was nominated for this position last year but failed to secure the seat after President Obama declined to resubmit his name for consideration.  Channel 10 ran a story today on this angle as it pertained to Judge Geraci now being nominated.

Twitter once again was the place to be today for a great discussion among some of the local media who have been following this story for almost two years now.  Rachel Barnhart (@rachbarnhart) and Sean Carroll (@scarroll13) of 13, Berkeley Brean (@whec_bbrean) and Brett Davidsen (@whec_bdavidsen) from 10, and Gary Craig (@gcraig1) from the paper all joined in a very lively discussion centering on what really went wrong with the Green nomination.  Gary also explored the angle that some local women’s legal groups were advocating for a female nominee for the position.

If you are not on Twitter you are missing out.  For any Rochestarian who likes to stay informed these reporters are “must follows.”  Shameless plug here for me – @mrichlaw – as well.

At this point all that I can really add is my congratulations to Judge Geraci.  The community should be aware that he is a jurist of the highest caliber and well-deserving of this nomination, and hopefully also the appoitment after a full Senate vote.  I have appeared in front of Judge Geraci many, many times and have always found him to be a fair, intelligent and patient man.  I’ve also had the pleasure in the last few months to get to know his son Mike, who has passed the New York bar and is awaiting his swearing in later on in February.  Here is hoping for a swift confirmation for not only him, but for the sake of Judge Larimer who has been putting his retirement on hold awaiting the arrival of his replacement.

UPDATE (5/11/12): Judge Geraci is moving closer to the federal  bench.